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3 tips to sell a property to foreign investors


As already mentioned in one of our previous articles, high profitability offered by housing in Barcelona is attracting foreign investors who consider interesting to do business in the Catalan capital. Are you going to sell an apartment? Do you want it not to go unnoticed in the eyes of this potential buyer? Please find 3 tips to sell a property to foreign investors.

Barcelona has become a leading city in many areas. Apart from its cosmopolitan character, the capital is home to large multinational companies due, in large part, to its privileged location in the Mediterranean. To all this, we must add that the city is one of the favorite destinations for thousands of tourists a year.

Given this reality, if you are considering selling an apartment, it is important that you carefully analyze the profiles of the potential buyers you may have, especially the foreign investor. The chances that, today, you will be able to sell a home to this type of client are very high. If you do not know how to start, we detail aspects that you should keep in mind.

3 tips to sell a property to foreign investors. How to do it properly?

Put yourself in the hands of professionals. To close a satisfactory sale in accordance with the claims of each of the parties, it is essential to know the real estate market in Barcelona, ​​especially when you want to sell to a foreign investor. In this case, it is not recommended to go it alone. The best is to always use the services of a real estate agent to take care of the entire buying / selling process, act as an intermediary between both parties and negotiate and ensure the successful completion of the operation in order to obtain the maximum benefit in the sale.

When choosing a real estate agency to sell your apartment, it is essential that you take into account their trajectory and experience in the sector. In our case, Hermes & Mathew is the benchmark real estate agency in Barcelona in housing management. Our advisors offer a 360º service, from beginning to end, informing the client at all times about the process of selling their property. In this way, the sale of a property can be left in professional hands with the guarantee that what you want will be obtained.

Implement “home staging”. This is the technique to leave your apartment in perfect condition so that future buyers see it as an irresistible property. Do not forget that the customer’s first impression is essential. Home staging not only has to do with cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, etc. well. but also remove everything that may interfere with the sale and even incorporate elements that may help your purchase.

The different places of origin and the different cultures of international investors practically oblige us to recreate an interior space that is as neutral as possible where nothing provokes rejection. It is essential that we understand that the home we want to sell is no longer our flat of all life but a product put on the market and, as such, it must be properly prepared and dressed.

Incorporate “sensory marketing”. Capturing customers through the senses. This is the purpose of sensory marketing that begins to be incorporated into the purchase / sale of homes and seeks to create experiences. As a sales tool, sensory marketing invites you to see, feel, hear, smell and, ultimately, excite. This technique breaks with the preconceived idea that the potential buyer of an apartment only considers price or quality when closing a deal.

If you want to sell an apartment using a sensory marketing technique, place textile elements (cushions, rugs, curtains, etc.) that attract attention, incorporate aromas in the rooms of the house or introduce textures that invite you to touch them. You can even resort to personalization if you know the profile of the client who comes to visit your apartment.

With these simple tricks you can practically ensure a perfect sale to a foreign investor and, in addition, with the conditions you want. Now, don’t forget to turn to an expert real estate agency like Hermes & Mathew, which will also apply its own marketing tools to reach the largest number of end customers to close the deal. Negotiating, highlighting the benefits of your property, providing information about the environment, managing visits, looking for buyers or advertising it correctly are some of the jobs that we will do for you.

At Hermes & Mathew we are leaders in the real estate market in Barcelona. We have the best apartments, in the best areas of the city and with the best conditions. If you want to sell an apartment or you are a foreign investor who wants to buy a property to obtain a high profitability, contact us.