Rent guide

Rent guide

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The first part that has to be taken into account at the time of beginning the search of a rented flat is focused on defining the characteristics that the housing that is being searched should gather: The type of building, budget, number of rooms, and location are some of the fundamental characteristics.

Once found the property that wants to be rented and having reached and terms of agreement (date of entry, price, among others), a down payment will have to be made in order to stop the commercialization of the property. The fee that will have to be handed in as a down payment is the equivalent of a month’s rent, which means that if the deal is closed, it will be deducted from the total sum that will have to be delivered at the signing of the rental contract.

At the same time of the reservation a series of paperwork will have to be delivered in order to guarantee the owner of the housing the viability of the operation.

The essential documents that have to be delivered to carry out the rent process are the following:

  • ID card/Passport
  • Bank account number in Spain

If you work at an enterprise:

  • Work contract.
  • The latest two pay slips.

If you work as a freelance:

  • Income statement
  • Additional paperwork such as bills.

If you are the owner of a company:

  • Corporate tax declaration
  • The company’s deeds.
  • A document that binds it together

If you are a company:

  • Corporate tax
  • Income statement

If you are an international customer:

  • Income statement
  • Additional paperwork that allows the verification of your payment capacity.

This is the most important moment and when we have to have very clear ideas:

Duration of the contract

This is an essential point in the housing rental. The minimum obligatory period consists of six months, which can be amplified to a maximum of three years. After this period of time, it is possible to reach an agreement for a superior length of time.
With the new regulation on renting, the tenant can withdraw the contract with a month’s notice to the owner.

Payment Deposit

The guarantee that the owner has during the validity of the contract. It will be used to cope with any damages that could be caused during the period of the rental. If there aren’t any damages, the whole fee is returned to the according tenant. The fee is equivalent to 1 or 2 months of rent depending if the rented house is furnished, its finishing touches, etc.

Bank guarantee

In some occasions the owner requests a bank guarantee for he is expected to respond in the given case of the non-payment of the rent.

The rental contract should include an inventory of photos of all the rooms of the housing. This way we can avoid misunderstandings. Once the rental contract is done or once the tenant manifests his/ her intention to leave the housing with the due notice as agreed on the contract, all the parts should meet and revise that everything is in the same state as in the day of delivery with the help of the inventory.

It is also recommendable to note down the meter reading of the different supplies the housing possesses. The meter reading should be done on the same day in which the rental contract is signed as well as the day in which the tenant hands in the keys to the owner and leaves the housing. This way we are reassuring that each part pays for what they have really consumed.

At the end of the contract we must have a photocopy of the certificate of occupancy as well as a photocopy of the energetic certificate.

There is a tax that must be paid once the rental contract is signed and that corresponds to the tenant. This tax is the ITP.

The rental of a housing from the tenant’s side is considered to be an onerous acquisition, as he/she only has the right to use the housing for a determined period of time in exchange for a cost.

Therefore, this tax is not paid in the form of transmission in spite of the name, but for any acquisition of any good or right. The installment of this tribute should be done in the 30 working days that follow the signing of the rental contract and the complete duration of the contract.

Following is attached the scale assessment. In the left column, the price rates of the total contract rent are found and on the right column, the fee that should be applied.


In order to know the quantity one should pay in a housing whose rent rises to 900€, the following operations should be done:

  • The base price of a year’s rental should be taken (900 x 12 =10800 €).
  • The result should be multiplied by the number of years the rent lasts. Suppose we sign a contract for a three year period (10.800 x 3 years = 32.400€)
  • If we observe the chart, because the price is superior to 7.692,96 euros, a coefficient of 0,024040 euros for each 6,01 euros or fraction should be applied. Resulting in (32.400 euros x 0,024)/6,01 = 129, 38€).

The price to be paid for this rent would be 129,38€ for a rental contract of a three year period and a price of 900€ per month. In addition, if this mentioned contract would be extended for a year automatically, in each extension there would be 43 additional euros to be paid.