Tourist license apartments

Tourist license apartments


If you are the owner of a tourist licensed apartments in Barcelona and are thinking about selling it, Hermes & Mathew Barcelona Real Estate is the best option.

We have a large database of both national and international customers who, benefit from the increasing tourists that come and visit the city every year, are interested in investing on the purchase of this type of housing. As a result, they obtain profitability from their savings.

If you are thinking about selling your tourist licensed apartment in Barcelona, do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will make a valuation of your housing without any commitment or cost. Our objective is that you obtain the highest price for your tourist licensed flat in the minimum time possible.

To achieve our objectives, in Hermes & Mathew Barcelona Real Estate, we are committed to carry out a marketing programme especially integrated for each property. This means that your tourist licensed flat will be commercialized by means of all the online channels, social networks, national and international real estate portals, newsletters as well as our website, so it reaches all of the potential clients in a fast and effective way.

Hermes & Mathew Barcelona Real Estate offers its customers an exclusive selection of touristic apartments in Barcelona located in the best areas of the city.

All of the tourist licensed apartments that we commercialise in the city of Barcelona are located in the most priviledged areas, close to toutistic sights of interest and extremely well communicated by means of public transport. If you are interested in receiving more information, or on the contrary, you wish to arrange a date to visit any of our tourist licensed properties in sale, do not hesitate to contact the commercial team of Hermes & Mathew Barcelona Real Estate and we will gladly assist you.