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Income 2018. Interesting deductions for home purchasing


At the beginning of April the campaign for the 2018 Income Statement began. If, at the time, you bought a house or are renting, there are deductions to which you can accommodate, as long as you meet the requirements.

Although it is true that the deductions in case of acquisition of housing or rent are quite scarce, there is still the possibility that, in the case that you have to pay, you do it for a lower amount or money back. From Hermes & Mathew we explain all the bonuses in detail.

Income 2018. Deduction for home acquisition

You can benefit from the deduction for the purchase of housing, as long as you bought it before January 1, 2013. This is the date that was set by law to accommodate you. If this is your case, you can add both the bonus offered by the State and that of your Autonomous Community (CA).

The maximum percentage you can deduct is 7.5% for the state tranche. To this figure should be added the one set by the Autonomous Community in which you reside that, failing that, is also 7.5%. Anyway, the maximum amount you can deduct is 9,040 euros.

In the case, for example, of Catalonia, the 7.5% bonus can be extended up to 9% if the taxpayer meets any of these requirements: he is under 32 years old, he can show that he has been unemployed for a minimum of six months, has a degree of disability of at least 65% or has a child. In any case, in order to benefit from this 9%, the tax base must not exceed 30,000 euros.

To know the bonuses of each Autonomous Community, we recommend you check the AEAT website.

Regarding this housing bonus, the Tax Agency has also set a series of assumptions,

In the event that there are two owners of the same dwelling who submit their income tax return separately, both can be taxed at 9,040 euros.

If the homeowner has had to rehabilitate the property, expand it or adapt it for people with disabilities can also benefit from this deduction. The only requirement is that the works have been completed before January 1, 2017.

The Treasury also contemplates the case of marriage annulment, divorce or judicial separation. If during 2018 some of these cases have occurred, the taxpayer can also benefit from this bonus, as long as that property continues to be habitual housing for the children in common and the parent who is in charge of them.

For very specific cases, we advise you to turn to a manager so that he can advise you or contact the tax agency directly so that you can answer your questions.

Rent 2018. Deductions for rental housing

If you are renting, you have to know that the deductions that exist are also limited. In case you want to stay, you will have to meet very specific requirements. To be able to enjoy a rent bonus on your 2018 Income statement you should have signed a contract before January 1, 2015. If this is your case, you can deduct 10.05% of the monthly payments paid. However, your salary should not exceed 24,107.20 euros per year.

Many autonomous communities have fixed rent deductions with other requirements such as Andalusia. Aragon, Asturias, Balearic Islands or Catalonia, among others. In the case of Catalonia there are additional bonuses to the state as long as the following requirements are met: the taxpayer accredits a minimum degree of disability of 65%, is part of a large family for having some of its members the condition of disabled. In these cases, the percentage to be deducted is 10% up to a limit of 300 euros per year, which will reach 600 euros in case of joint taxation or for large families.

These are broadly the two main lines of deduction for housing – acquisition and rent – for the 2018 Income statement. The campaign that began last April 2 will end on July 1. Remember that you can ask the Tax Agency day and time to make your declaration and submit it.

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