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Property investment in Barcelona. Essential steps for a perfect purchase


Housing still has a great appeal for many investors. It is, without a doubt, an asset that can be very profitable especially when cities with great potential are chosen when it comes to obtaining interesting economic benefits such as, for example, Barcelona. From Hermes & Mathew we explain questions that you should keep in mind if you are an investor and want to buy in the Catalan capital.

Any investment can have its risks. Avoiding or minimizing them should be priorities when choosing to carry out an operation of this type. When it is decided to buy a house to make it profitable later, it is necessary to take into account not only what is invested and how it is done but also where the investment is done.

Barcelona is a privileged city that, bathed by the Mediterranean, has an exceptional strategic situation. It is a city of entry of Europe, cosmopolitan, modern and full of opportunities. As with other cities in the world, Barcelona also has its own “brand”. Its vitality, diversity, high commercial and business level are features that identify it and place it in one of the most important capitals of the European continent.

Property investment in Barcelona. Where to buy?

Obviously, when making a real estate investment, the ideal is to opt for large cities like Barcelona where the market is much more dynamic. Although it is true that in recent years the price per square meter has risen slightly, the possibilities of obtaining a greater economic benefit to the real estate investment made have also increased.

The City of Barcelona attracts more and more foreign professionals every year who settle in the capital to work for long periods of time, so an important economic benefit is practically guaranteed, whether the property is sold or rented.

What area are you interested in?

The advice is to opt for consolidated neighborhoods, that is, that have a high demand for both purchase and rental. In addition, it is important that you have nearby public transportation and leisure, commercial or gastronomic offer areas. It is also interesting to invest in areas close to business centers or universities.

In Barcelona, ​​the areas of L’Eixample, Mercat de Sant Antoni, Born or Gothic Quarter, for example, are in great demand for being in the center of the city and providing a wide range of possibilities of all kinds to those who are looking for housing in these areas of the city. The Poblenou neighborhood has also become a highly demanded area in recent years as a result of the implantation of countless headquarters of technology companies in the well-known 22 @ district.

In any case, investing in housing in any other area of ​​Barcelona also offers guarantees of profitability thanks to the excellent internal communications that exist and that allow moving from one area to another of the city in a very short time.

Property well preserved

It is important that the investor is set in the internal state of the house and external (facade, structure, etc.). If you want to sell or rent, the economic benefit will be higher the better the property is preserved. The same goes for the facade and, by extension, with the general state of the building. The more rehabilitated, the better.

For years, the Barcelona City Council has offered a line of aid to promote the rehabilitation of the common elements of the buildings. A large part of the buildings located in the downtown area that has apartments for sale, such as those in the Hermes & Mathew portfolio, have already been able to benefit from these grants and carry out improvement works.

Buy to rent or to sell?

It is important to have very clear the purpose when investing in housing in Barcelona. Buying an apartment to later rent it guarantees having a fixed income every month and a property that is revalued as time goes by. If you buy to sell, the risk that is assumed at a financial level is lower, as long as it is sold for a higher amount, and also has the advantage of having great benefits immediately.

An interesting option is to invest in a tourist apartment that allows much higher economic benefits to the traditional rental of a home.

In Barcelona, ​​there is a wide range of apartments for sale to rent and / or sell and tourist apartments with which any investor will obtain the profitability they want from the first day due to the high demand that exists for both purchase, rental or tourist homes to rent for days or weeks. In addition, many of them are located in the best areas of the city, close to places of interest.

Applying all these tips, the result of investing in housing in Barcelona will always end up being positive.

Hermes & Mathew, a leading company in the real estate market, has a wide portfolio of apartments for sale in Barcelona, according to any type of need, so that as an investor you can make your purchase profitable from the first moment.