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Techniques and tricks to reform your property without works


To reform your property does not mean having to throw walls to the ground, fill the house with bricks to create new spaces or spend days and days without being able to inhabit it. We can indulge ourselves in changing the interior of our house with numerous quick, easy and clean techniques without the need for any work. How can it be done? From Hermes & Mathew we explain it to you.

Techniques and tricks to reform your property without works. Change the bathroom and kitchen tiles

If you want to change the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, you can do it without filling the house with debris with clever techniques. You can change the appearance of your room by painting the tiles quickly with the color you prefer, although if you are not good at brushing, you always have the option of wallpapering the tiles, an option that increasingly has more followers and that has a fantastic result thanks to the quality of the raw material with which it works.

Finally, you also have the possibility of laying tile on tile, as long as the base is resistant and specific adhesive mortars are purchased.

Redecorate the walls

Do you want to give your living room a new look? There are synthetic coatings on the market that you can manipulate yourself without hiring a professional. They exist in PVC and vinyl frieze format. Best of all, they are very durable materials that are installed with adhesive. In addition, they are very thin and therefore the possible loss of space is minimal. Along with these materials, there is a whole line of finishes that achieve a spectacular finish.

Reform your property without works. Change the floor

The floor of a house is the decorative element of the house that suffers the most over time and the one that wears the most easily. Although there are still those who decide to lift it to change it, there are very clean techniques that allow you to have a new floor in a few days.

The floating platform has the particularity of allowing it to be installed on the existing floor. Although it is true that the level tends to rise, the difference is minimal because the thickness is quite small.

But if the laminate flooring does not convince you, you can also opt for quite novel solutions. For some time now, the new generation of vinyl flooring that is much more resistant and very easy to install has become fashionable. They are available in two formats: plank or tile, but both one and the other have a perfect, quality finish.

Reform your house without doing any works: Redecorate the kitchen

Today’s kitchens are made up of modules and elements that, for years, have had fairly standardized measurements. Thanks to this, now you can change the look of your kitchen in no time. One option is to replace the cabinet doors with new ones in a different color or style. You can also change the handles that will achieve a new and different aesthetic appearance.

New style to interior joinery

Apart from having a very marked functionality, interior carpentry is still a decorative element at home. For this reason, when reforming our home, it is an aspect to take into account. Replacing the doors of some rooms in the house is a possibility within the reach of many. The same happens with the fronts of the cabinets. Are you thinking, for example, of replacing swing doors with much more modern sliding doors?

In short, the possibilities of reforming a flat without doing any works are endless. Today there are tricks, techniques and alternatives that allow it and also quickly and easily without the need to hire the services of a third party.

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