Know about market updates

Tips to upgrade your home


After some time after purchasing a property, owners may consider that some elements at first regarded as practical, become less functional or even certain items are seen as obsolete. Our experts at Hermes & Mathew would like to help proposing…

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Home decor trends 2018 in your new home


2018 is full of novelties regarding interior design. Are you willing to implement home decore trends in your new home? Our Hermes & Mathew research team presents the latest home decor trends, the most innovative, avant-garde and, in some cases,…

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Pros and Cons of buying second-hand housing


When acquiring a property an obvious dobut is buying second-hand housing or a new-build one?. Beyond no doubt, this query is entirely logical. From Hermes & Mathew we present the pros and cons arguments of buying a second-hand housing, so…

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Property selling – Five most common mistakes

businessmen hold house model in hand

Property selling requires time and strategy to follow the key steps. For instance, it must be taken into account many details, and to perfectly understand real estate market. In order to get the best selling price, certain fairly common mistakes…

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Property revaluation. How to achieve it


Over time properties may deteriorate and, as a result, can lose economic value. The problem arises when planning to market a property and wanting to get the maximum economic benefit. So, what actions should be taken in order to achieve…

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Valuation. How much is my house worth?


Property appraisal is the essential step when planning to sell it. This report assesses and certifies the property valuation at a specific point in time, but what has to be taken into account and who issues it? Not just anybody…

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